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Landscape Fabric in Mars, PA

When you are tending to your garden or trying to perfect your lawn, every detail counts. Knowing your product options helps not only to keep your greenery growing but also to ensure everything looks stunning.

At Professional Landscape Service, Inc, we are known for offering a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping services. These services are to get you started while our maintenance services are to preserve the beauty of your property. However, we also want to provide the supplies that let you take charge of your yard. That’s why we offer a range of products, including mulch, gravel, and landscape fabric in Mars, Pennsylvania.

Supplies That Keep Your Plants Healthy

Do what you can to keep your flowers and shrubs strong and beautiful. With more than 25 years of experience and extensive education on plant life, our professionals know the most effective methods to keep plants growing. We’re happy to offer our advice about which products to use in your lawn or garden.

There are several ways to prevent weeds and pests from invading your lawn or flowerbed. These include landscape fabric, brown or black mulch, and landscaping sand or gravel. Fabric and mulch also retain moisture well, while sand and gravel provide good drainage for plants that are more sensitive to water.

Helping You Create a More Attractive Outdoor Area

Settling on one type of product—mulch, for example—does not mean you don’t have choices in the style you end up buying. When you turn to us for your gardening and lawn care supplies, you can choose the colors that fit your style.

Mulching is a great way to prevent soil erosion, weeds, and pests, as well as to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil. At our supply store, we offer a variety of colors, including brown, red, and black mulch. These also come in different types, including single-shred, double-shred, and premium triple-shred.

To ensure your yard stays even and full-looking, we also provide customers with landscaping sand and fill dirt. These are not just used to fill unwanted holes, but to create mounds and change the elevation of certain areas of your yard so you can create a unique space custom-tailored to your needs.

We are committed to providing you with convenient solutions. That’s why all of our landscaping supplies are available for pick-up and delivery.

Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping products. We proudly serve customers in North Pittsburgh, Butler County, and surrounding areas.

What Our Clients Have to Say!

Thank you for the superior service that you and your work force provided in the finishing of my paver patio. I especially appreciate that you were able to fit this project into your job schedule and that your crew was able to complete the work so rapidly. The remaining months of fair weather will be much better enjoyed on our backyard patio.

Your employees who worked at the site were courteous and very respectful of the property. They were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions concerning the project. Please extend my thanks to them for their hard work and expertise.

The patio looks great and the new grass is coming in nicely. We are looking forward to years of enjoyment on our new patio. I would definitely call on your services for any of our future landscaping needs. I also recommend your services to any friends or neighbors who found themselves in need of landscaping. Thanks again, Dave, for the excellent job!

John P., Heritage Creek Resident, Mars, PA

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